Dimension Island's Logo
Dimensions Island is an Islands that Joshuawesome8 & Paultropica6 Came up With.


Professor Dimensional finally creates a Portal into another dimension, but it brings an evil Anti-You & an evil Anti-Professor-Dimensional into our dimension, but those 2 Anti-sescape into your dimension! Now you must team up with the good Anti-Criminal and save our dimension from being taken over by Anti-s!


  • You
  • Anti-You
  • Professor Dimensional
  • Anti-Professor-Dimensionsal
  • Anti-Professor-Dimensional's-Anti-Guards
  • Police
  • Anti-Police
  • Criminal
  • Anti-Criminal
  • Phineas
  • Ferb
  • The Jury
  • Random Poptropicans in the Court


  • Radio


  • This is an island Joshuawesome8 & Pautropica made up.

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